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Bitesize action steps and resources to help you create the wellbeing and happiness toolkit you need when the going gets tough

Consistently feel good and function effectively at work and in your life

Whether you want to build a better support system or manage your stress this evidence based programme boosts your confidence and resilience

"This programme really helped me to tune into ‘me’ so that I could be a better business woman moving forwards"

Merilyn Keskula

Introducing your Happiness Guide

Hi my name is Samantha Clarke and I'm a well known Happiness Consultant and Change-maker.

I'm in the business of guiding individuals to find work happiness and the confidence and energy to consistently thrive at work as well as help companies build better businesses that put people first.

I’ve helped thousands of people around the world to improve their wellbeing, especially when it comes to work.

But it hasn't always been plane sailing for me. In the beginning I struggled to create harmony (I hate the word balance) between what I needed and wanted to give to others and what I mentally and physically had available in my tank. It felt effortless to brainstorm ideas, talk it out and strategise. It's second nature for me to go all out but some days my cup was dry! No matter how hard I'd push I just didn't have it in me.

I felt I was flawed, I was blessed enough to have work I loved but there were some days it just felt like an uphill struggle. Feeling tired, lacking creativity, irritable, overworked, unhappy. So I decided to spend some time researching positive psychology tools and interviewing other professionals to learn more.

After talking to various individuals ranging from cabin crew to psychologists, doctors to teachers, creative directors to carers...  the conversations were all the same. 

Be Happy First was  inspired to improve your own wellbeing and help others do the same – and that’s this program will give you the practical tools you need to do just that.

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Here's What You'll Learn

By taking Be Happy First today, you'll get the complete A-Z on the latest happiness research you can immediately apply it for yourself.

Be Happy First is the first of its kind that gives you the full no matter whether you’re an employee, consultant, stay at home mum, leader or coach – there are concrete and substantial ways you can implement happiness & wellbeing to help yourself and others flourish.

This personal development programme is broken down into

7 Modules - B.E. H.A.P.P.Y

B - Be 

Giving you the tools to reflect on your self-care and shine a spotlight the 'stress' behaviours to overcome. Our cheatsheet will help you discover how only 10 minutes a day can transform your self care

I'm ready to learn!

E- Expose

Touches on how to embrace vulnerability at work, how to successfully ask for help and how to overcome our resistance to receiving. With self-reflection exercises you will be able to uncover the blind spots that stop you from asking for help and how to overcome this.

I'm ready to learn!

H - Hang-up

Hanging up your personal 'hang-ups'. What do you need to let go of, put down, make peace with to be a better you? This section helps to counteract what's holding you back and shows you how to dial up more positivity and dial down the bad bits to create more happiness.

I'm ready to learn!

A - Appreciate

Gratitude is all the rage now, but how can we really show appreciation to others as well as ourselves in a way that's conscious and meaningful. With the tools in this section you will identify ways to create a gratitude practice that goes beyond just a keeping a journal.

I'm ready to learn!

P - Pick up

How often are you challenging yourself to learn something new? It's not enough to know what your strengths are – you need to be able to apply them effectively and pick up new ones quickly. Discover the common mistakes most of us make, and the simple actions you can take to truly develop your signature strengths.

I'm ready to learn!

P - Plug the gaps

No man or woman is an island. Meaningful relationships are the key to flourishing. Technology and blurring work/life boundaries can make it difficult to connect, creating a tapestry of support is key in happiness puzzle! Our relationship guide provides you with the insight and tools to build high quality personal and professional connections.

I'm ready to learn!

Y- Your words

How do you talk to yourself about challenges or setbacks? Do you have a tendency to give up when the going gets tough? Packed with self-compassion tools and limiting-belief-busting insights, this modules helps you challenge the stories that hold you back and cultivate the right mindset to create lasting happiness.

I'm ready to learn!

"This programme changed everything about how I live my life, I didn't realise how much I wasn't investing in my own happiness. It's not selfish, as a mum and entrepreneur learning how to pause and look after myself is key. It also changed how my partner and I related to each other in so many ways!"

Lucy Werner

Start your happiness journey off with a bang!

  • BE HAPPY FIRST consists of seven online workshops, that walk you step-by-step through the practical actions you can take to improve your happiness levels


  • Each workshop features, the latest research and findings on evidence-based wellbeing practices, positive psychology and philosophical thought. Broken down into actionable steps you start to create immediate changes


  • You’ll get immediate access to all the workshops, including the videos and audio recordings


  • You’ll have lifetime access to all the workshop materials, and you can pull up the materials on any device (phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop) – so you can access the resources from any place, and at any time.


  • During each of the workshops, you’ll get all the resources and information you need to immediately start your journey towards being happy first. From cheatsheets to guided meditations and mindfulness practices featuring Samantha and other experts for each of the seven steps

Get Be Happy First Today

Click the button to get this happiness program now and start paving the way to your happiness today.
For just £40 the opportunity is right here, right now. You just need to take it!

"Your programme has been transformational for me and it provided me with so much guidance in a lot of unexpected ways at the right time. It really helped me to find meaningful happiness in everything big and small and take action daily to maintain it."

Julia Makhubela
South Africa

Frequently Asked Questions

Access to 7 jam-packed, kick-ass happiness modules. Each module is delivered to you via a series of short videos where Samantha teaches you the core components of the module. You also receive audios, workbooks, and resources for you to build your toolkit and strengthen your happiness habit.

You will have access to all the training and tools for as long as you need them, being able to come back again and again. Creating and maintaining your happiness and wellbeing to help you achieve your short, medium and long terms goals is an on-going process. 


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